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A Stick of Dynamite

OK, so this is a quick and dirty post to let people know about a couple of sticks of dynamite I threw into my life.  I acknowledge Mike and my kids for being awesome in getting under Mom as she figures herself out.

A big hairy scary promise to myself in the context of this #MasterOfComplete project is to keep my promise and have full-time employment by the end of May.  It’s embarassing to admit that my startup for language learning games is not providing what my family needs, cool idea that it is.  It’s not cool to admit that I’m struggling the juggle all of the technologies, the research, the implementation, the playtesting of the products.  It’s not cool to say, it sucks, but our investments evaporated and that comfortable future is gone, and I can take responsibility for finding a great job with a great company doing work that I love.

I went to Startup Calgary to try out my MasterOfComplete idea as a business in that community, and it morphed into something surprising.  I am passionate about creating a supportive community for people who want to transition to tech careers.  Calgary companies have a huge need for people who can do tech jobs, and are competing at an international level for qualified candidates. There is a risk that employers have to manage, in taking on people who are just getting started, that they won’t work out, or can’t fill the needs of their business. There are people here in Calgary who want to transition their career, and their risk is that they won’t find employers willing to take them on.

I learned a few days before Startup Calgary about EvolveU, a program that is designed to take on exactly these people, people who want a career in tech. I am one of those people, and I’ve thrown my hat in this ring to be employed as a full stack developer by the end of their program.  EvolveU is training people not only in the tech stack needed in Calgary, but also in the paradigm shift of problem solving, critical thinking, and working in an Agile environment on small teams that solve problems and create solutions with velocity in partnership with business.  This kind of work environment is emerging and most people don’t have experience in living it yet.  EvolveU is designed to bring these communities together.

I’ve had a long career of managing quality assurance, and I want to transition my career to being a full stack web developer.  I’ve been doing it on my own and planning a project portfolio to put in front of employers that will help show that I can do the work, despite a resume that says 20 years of management experience and a startup experience that didn’t amount to what I’d hoped.  I’ve hacked together solutions and tools my whole career to support my teams, but you don’t take your solutions with you when you leave a job.  So now I’m completing those language learning projects as my portfolio, and posting them to github for employers to see that I can fill a development role.

I’m passionate that my colleagues all succeed too, and EvolveU are looking for partners in the industry who are looking for people that want people who are passionate about changing their career and want to work for them.

Contact me at angela@aviak.ca if you are interested, or contact EvolveU directly.