Advent Calendars for your Life

“If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves” – Thomas A Edison

Around here, we play a lot of games.  Board Games.  Electronic Games.  Life Games.  Games you can win, games you can lose.  The point is playing the game.  What game do you want to play with me in December?

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Promotional Pricing

50% off for a limited time

Black Friday pricing – Price per Game $25 for individuals, $50 for a household

Game Bundles – pick multiple games and save

  • One Game – $25
  • Two Games – $40
  • Three Games – $60
  • 3+ Games – $60 + $10 for each additional game

Black Friday promotional prices in effect from Friday Nov 23 – Monday Nov 26, 2018


Regular prices – Price per Game $50 for individuals, $100 for a household

What you get

Daily email with printable attachments for the day’s game.  These are campaign games.  The game begins on Dec 1 and ends on Dec 25.

Easy mode – commit 5 minutes to playing the game every day

Normal mode – commit 25 minutes to playing the game every day

Hardcore mode – commit 25 minutes to the game, and do the bonus stretch goals

Keep your Balance – At a minimum, do easy mode for the days when life goes sideways

Our Game Collection for December

  • Spanish mini-games
    • Spanish Verbs
    • Spanish Vocabulary
    • Improve your Pronunciation
    • Improve your Listening Skills
    • finding meaningful learning in the wilds of the internet
    • practice makes permanent
    • armchair philosophy
    • Read a novel challenge
    • Create your own personal talking dictionary
  • Family Time Challenge
    • get to know one another
    • play together
    • cooking mini-game
    • cleaning mini-game
  • Jira in your home or small business
    • Kanban and Agile
    • creating a workflow
    • incremental improvements
    • change anything
  •  Finance
    • create a mini-game
    • get to the bottom line with your finances
    • get real with a budget
    • make goals
    • keep on track
  • Making space
    • Public spaces
    • Downsizing mini-game
    • Maximizing your storage
    • Beating back the paper monster
    • letting go
    • use it or lose it
    • ending the ‘mom, where is…?’
  • Unstoppable challenge
    • what’s stopping you?
    • fix it
    • finish it
    • go beyond the idea
  • Being Brave challenge
    • what are you afraid to ask for?
    • what’s stopping you?
    • what are you willing to give up doing yourself?
    • stretch goals – ask for it
    • mini-game – taking risks
  • Living a designer life
    • what have you always wanted to do?
    • give yourself permission to dream
    • explore new possibilities
    • commit to what you want
  • DIY Christmas
    • use what you have
    • make it meaningful
  • Love letter challenge
    • give a meaningful gift to your friends and family Christmas morning
  • Art for everyday
    • let your inner artist free
    • cooking
    • your space
    • getting crafty
    • DIY
  • Plan better challenge
    • going from reactive to proactive
    • burn down the inboxes
    • saying yes and saying no
    • give your calendar a makeover
    • getting the important things in
    • keeping your word to yourself
    • breaking up with Someday
    • develop your skills in asking for what you want
  • Family reads challenge
    • reading together
    • read out loud
    • reading on a budget
    • making life-long readers
  • Create your own brand
    • what do you want to be known for?
    • social media for bite sized sharing
    • find your voice
    • a 25 day writing challenge to write your own story
  • Meals at home
    • eat at home for 25 days
    • on becoming a meal planning ninja
    • start simple
    • getting realistic – budgeting your time and money
    • using what you have
    • ’tis the season – making it social
    • the beauty of potluck
    • breaking out of blah
  • Healthy living challenge
    • where do you want to up your game with health and fitness?
    • no time like the present
    • little changes add up
    • being consistent
    • being vulnerable, share your goal
    • join the campaign game
    • play on cooperative mode or competetive mode

January Games

December chock-a-block full?  If you can’t commit to playing the games of your choice in December, or want to try a different game in January, buy a game that starts in January.  January offerings will run January 1 to January 31.  Pre-order today!