I heard an interview of Norman Lear on NPR recently. When the 92 year old was asked for life advice from his experience over a very successful career, he said two words to sum it up. Over and Next. When something is over, it’s over, and then you need to focus on what’s next.

I lost my balance between family and career a couple of years ago. I said yes to working with Calgary, Serbia and India at the same time, added to being Mom to twin boys, Cub leader and wife. I wish I could tell you that it was a triumph of human stubbornness over adversity. It was not, dear reader. It was a fast-pass to a critical moment.

I chose the sketchbook my husband Mike put in my hands to interrupt the tears, and the reminder in that storm of emotion and exhaustion that I could do anything with my life that I wanted.

I have known for a long time what I love. I love learning languages. I love reading. I love teaching. I love playing games. And I love telling people what to do.

We are not typical, our family. My husband reads textbooks and writes code on vacations. I design language learning strategies, sketch characters and art for my learning games and read children’s books in several languages on vacation. We go to theme parks and take days off to play board games as a family. Mike and I traded places, with me entering the start-up world, the water he swam in for 17 years, and he has taken on the career with the steady paycheque with benefits. Balance maintained.

I am passionate about creating ways to make language learning fun for children and adults. I’ve spent the last two years doing independent research to confirm that my theories about language learning would hold water.

If you want to know what it takes to read Harry Potter in Spanish and French, I’m a great person to ask. If you want to know what vocabulary you should learn to give you the best bang for your buck, I have that answer too. If you want to know how to encourage new habits and discipline for yourself or your family without having to assume the role of being the nag in your family, I have something to say about that too.

I look forward to sharing with you how I’ve turned my dream to do. I invite you to turn dream to do with me too.

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